Appendix – Arras Memorials – Page 248

Having just received my copies of ‘Arras Memorials’ from the publisher, I would like to draw attention to the appendix at the end of the book. Although the reference to aircraft identification number 59 (the remaining digits are not fully discernible from the photograph in the book) states that there are three possible candidates, there are in fact just two, and those are the two shown in the book: HAWKER and HUNT.

I have since checked my final corrections for the book and I did mark up that three needed to be changed to two, but unfortunately this appears to have slipped through the net during the final editing process. Among the eighty victories credited to Manfred von Richthofen, there is another British aircraft whose identification number began with 59, but this can readily be excluded from the list of possible candidates as the machine returned to its aerodrome, apparently without damage on the 27th December 1916. It was 5985, a DH2, flown by Serjeant (later Major) James McCudden, VC, DSO & Bar, MC & Bar, MM, Croix de Guerre (France). He, of course, was subsequently killed when his engine developed serious problems in flight and crashed behind our lines. He is buried at Wavans British Cemetery.