Out & About

Striking a balance between my own research projects and touring the battlefields isn’t always an easy matter. Although I do take groups over to France and Belgium, I don’t organize tours myself. I’ve never wanted to be a travel agent.

What usually happens is that groups organize their own trips using me as their guide. Where groups have definite ideas with regard to their itinerary, that’s fine; if not, I’m happy to offer suggestions and work with them in order to tailor their trips according to the time available.

I’m also finding that more and more people are happy to make their own way to the battlefields, but need a little help when it comes to putting together an itinerary. Last year I had great pleasure doing this for a couple from Australia who wanted to track a grandfather’s progress through France and Belgium.

I’ll also be using this part of the website to highlight any talks I’m giving once venues and dates are confirmed.