“Z is for Zivy Crater and Zouave Valley” – Arras North – Pages 178 – 185

I did say that I would be happy to acknowledge any corrections here on my website. A few days after my copies of “Arras North” arrived from the publisher, I had to refer to Zouave Valley Cemetery. I knew which chapter it was in (Chapter 4), but I went instead to the cemetery index at the back of the book; Zouave Valley Cemetery wasn’t there, and neither was Zivy Crater. Both my publisher and editor assured me that ‘these things happen’, and I guess they do, but it was still annoying to think that I hadn’t include them in the index. Fortunately, both are covered in the book and can be found on pages 178 – 185. I can only think it happened when I was dividing the index up between those cemeteries in “Arras North” and those in “Arras South”. Cutting and pasting is simple enough, but tricky, if you know what I mean – very mechanical and not very exciting. It was also the last thing I needed to submit before going to print. In spite of reviewing the index for “Arras North” four times before pressing the ‘send’ button, the very obvious omission of these two sites just didn’t register with me, even though I have visited both of them on several occasions over the years. As promised, it’s only right that I should point out this ‘slight’ error for the benefit of those readers who may need to rely on the index. That said, for anyone familiar with this part of the Western Front, there is a big clue in the chapter title, which did make me feel a little better. The important thing is that both cemeteries are definitely included in the book.