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“A place where everyone is happy” – Arras North – Page 244

Although the entry in the CWGC register for Lieutenant Francis Herbert THORNDIKE, 11th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps, contains no additional information, I had a very strong feeling right from the start that there was more to discover about him. It was what I now refer to as ‘my Sybil Thorndike moment’. As I left Duisans British Cemetery I couldn’t help wondering whether he […]

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Native Americans in the Canadian Expeditionary Force

Throughout the three books a number of references are made to men of the Canadian Expeditionary Force who were of Native American origin. The first reference is in ‘Arras North’ and relates to Private Thomas GODCHERE, MM, a sniper who served with the 102nd Battalion, Canadian Infantry. He is buried in Givenchy Road Canadian Cemetery, Neuville-Saint-Vaast. […]

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“We, the undersigned” – An unusual petition – Arras North – Page 12

There were times during the final hundred days of the war when strong opposition to the Allied advance was to be expected. The Hindenburg Line and the Canal du Nord provided the Germans with good defensive opportunities and it was always likely they would take advantage of these. On other occasions the level of enemy resistance was variable and often remained an unknown factor until the point of […]

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