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“Walk a mile in my shoes” – Arras North – Page 32

In an interview, referring to her books, “Wolf Hall” and “Bring up the Bodies”, Hilary Mantel pointed out that we have the enormous benefit of hindsight when considering the main historical figures in her work, whereas, at the time when the events in her books were unfolding, her characters didn’t. Although her protagonists were real people, she could only make them credible by stepping […]

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“Z is for Zivy Crater and Zouave Valley” – Arras North – Pages 178 – 185

I did say that I would be happy to acknowledge any corrections here on my website. A few days after my copies of “Arras North” arrived from the publisher, I had to refer to Zouave Valley Cemetery. I knew which chapter it was in (Chapter 4), but I went instead to the cemetery index at the back of the book; Zouave Valley […]

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“Wake up, we’ve a busy day ahead” – With the South Africans on 9th April 1917

Good memoirs are always worth seeking out. “A Subaltern’s Odyssey – A Memoir of the Great War 1915-1917″ is one that I would highly recommend, particularly with regard to the opening day of the Battle of Arras in 1917. Its author, R.B. (Richard Barrett) Talbot Kelly, served as a Forward Observation Officer with the 52nd Brigade, […]

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