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“More brothers-in-arms” – Arras North – Page 86

I always said that “Visiting the Fallen” was likely to be an on-going project, even extending beyond the publication of all three books. New material will always emerge and the website will come in very useful to cover it. There is also the hope that all three books will, at some stage, be reprinted, in which case additional information will be […]

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“The devil is in the detail” – a story about Roeux” – Arras North

The village of Roeux proved to be an exceedingly difficult nut to crack. On the opening day of the Battle of Arras the 4th Division had been unable to extend the gains made by the 9th (Scottish) Division, at least not to any significant degree. By the end of the 9th April our new line fell short of the road linking Roeux and […]

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“Millicent, Duchess of Sutherland” – Arras North – Page 276

Brief mention is made in “Arras North” of the Duchess of Sutherland and her important commitment to hospital work during the Great War, for which she duly received the Belgian Royal Red Cross, the British Red Cross Medal and the French Croix de Guerre. On the outbreak of war she immediately organized a field ambulance, taking it to […]

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Summer days off the beaten path

On a recent trip with a group in July we visited a number of CWGC cemeteries which, judging from the entries in the visitors’ books, attract relatively few people. Those who had been there recently appeared to have been visiting the grave of a relative or someone from their home town, area or regiment. We were based in Mons throughout the trip and […]

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